Emelya and the Magic Pike Nesting Doll 5pc./6in.


Product Description

This 5-piece nesting doll illustrates the Russian tale of Emelya and the Magic Pike sometimes called The Will of the Pike. In the story lazy Emelya catches a magical fish that grants him infinite wishes in return for his release. Emelya lets the fish go and has many adventures before finally becoming a king. This doll is designed and painted by St. Petersburg artist Irina Kummer whose beautiful detail and vibrant palette are sure to please. She paints a number of best-selling fairy tales dolls. Production Techniques: Hand Painting/ Decoupage. This doll was carved in the Upper Volga region then delivered to the workshop in St. Petersburg Russia. Artists first hand paint the background then apply various detailed elements such as faces which we print on a very thin vinyl adhesive. Such elements are reproduced original works of art we make specifically for nesting doll design. It is the artist’s magic brush that blends the two forms of artwork together into a unified piece. Finally we baptize each doll in multiple layers of non-toxic water-based lacquer to make a marvelous matryoshka that will delight children and collectors. The bottom of the largest doll gets stamped with “Made in Russia” mark of quality. Â


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