St. Basil’s Music Box in.Lara’s Theme in. 6in. x 6in. x 10in.


Product Description

Carefully crafted in St. Petersburg Russia this music box really is as good as it sounds. Beautifully painted with eye-popping colors the cupolas will dazzle you as they spin to the romantic tune of Dr. Zhivago’s Lara’’s Theme. This is a beautiful miniature rendition of Saint Basil’’s Cathedral which was built by Czar Ivan (the terrible) during 1554 – 1560. It colorfully painted onion-shaped domes are a stunning example of Russia’’s unique Renaissance architecture. The music box is carefully detailed and intricately painted and then a glossy lacquer finish is added to enhance the appearance. One of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world St. Basil’s stands on Moscow’’s Red Square centerpiece of the Russian Empire. Infamous Czar Ivan the Terrible commissioned the cathedral in 1552 to commemorate his military victory over the Mongols. Eight chapels each featuring a unique onion dome surround the central tower representing eight advances in Ivan’s campaign and symbolizing the towers of the New Jerusalem (Moscow). According to legend or myth Ivan asked the trembling architects if they could surpass this cathedral with one more magnificent. When they replied that they could Ivan had them blinded so that a structure more beautiful would never grace planet Earth.


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